Love Every Note is a New York based concert series and performance platform founded by artistic director and cellist Jillian Blythe:

" To love every note is a mantra inspired by a childhood memory. My first cello teacher told me to love every note is to create meaningful music. It is such a simple consideration to adopt and yet in today’s fast-paced industry, it may be difficult to achieve this practice as a musician. It takes true dedication to exercise this attitude, regardless of circumstances."

Love Every Note is dedicated to preserving the pure essences of art and expression. Through performances and collaborative projects, we bring together those who share this dedication as a way to inspire artists and audiences alike.


Love Every Note performances immerse you in a world crafted by people sharing their deepest respect and passion with the communities around them. Ensembles ranging in classical/traditional, jazz/punk, rock/folk, and experimental/electronic genres have appeared on past programs, as well as other world class artists from varied background.

To Love Every Note means to connect seamlessly with each breathe we take and to feel every vibration that runs through our body from the earth. Our mantra is simple, but the purpose these words serve is undeniable. They remind us to be present - to follow through our creations with intention and meaning.

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